About Us

Pakistan Startup is formally the first crowd funding platform in Pakistan. Pakistan Startup aims to build infrastructure of entrepreneurs and investors. As startups play some important role in the company Pakistan Startup aims to promote the newbie startup and provide the platform to showcase there ideas to get more and more investment they seek.Pakistan startup also secure the formally investment by proper background check of entrepreneurs and there accurate data in terms of seeking investment and the money they will make. Our expert conduct results to put the best idea in to the website. We also try to make the things running smooth on both entrepreneurs and investor so the company work as a third person between the deals.

Important notice: As our aim is to empower pakistan and our community. We aim to give 1 percent to the Govt of Pakistan and 1 percent to those who are in need from every single sale we get. Our primary and main focus is to grow with the sense of responsibility we have as a Pakistani that every one of us should do this act for the betterment of our people and our country.

Getting Started